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Harmony in Health
The Ukrainian Hub

A team visits the Lighthouse, Woking


Once a week on a Tuesday, the Lighthouse Hub in Woking is transformed into a vibrant community of mostly women, supporting Ukrainian refugees in a plethora of nourishing ways. From hosting a kitchen full of nutritious meals prepared by Ukrainian volunteers, to English language lessons offered by warm and empathic local community volunteers; this was an absolute must for Harmony in Health! 

"It was incredible"

Our team of Ayurvedic Doctors, movement specialists and musicians concocted a most wholesome mind/body, heart and soul fuelled workshop with the aim of imparting some active relaxation, peaceful moments, joy and connection right into the heart of this community. We moved, stretched, discovered rhythm and tapped our way into inner resources, where women felt safe to let go of stresses and anxieties, and receive some well-deserved energy, health and vitality. 


"I enjoyed lying peacefully and releasing my neck"

"I feel light and happy. Sinking into weightlessness."

"Thank you very much! It was really fabulous!!!"

"Incredible sensations in the head of warmth, a surge of energy. I am looking for a way to calm down quickly. I liked it and will use what I remembered. Thank you very much!"

We then shared our knowledge on diet and nutrition drawing on ancient traditions of Ayurveda and modern discoveries to present a balanced, more harmonious way of thinking about the foods we eat and their effects on us. Our sense of smell and taste were bathed in a vibrant selection of fresh herbs, seasonal forest gatherings and raw vegan chocolate!  

As our session drew to an end, the doors of the Hub opened to its members who came pouring in and were met with a very healing, wholesome and energetic presence in the room. What a better way to start the day! 

100% of participants felt both happy and calmer after the session.

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